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A family of four receives support

21 December 2020

A family of four receives support through an Iris Programme-funded project, implemented by the Concordia Daycare Centre

The team of the Concordia Daycare Centre in the O. district in Sofia started working with Nina Hristova after she sought their support during the country’s declared state of emergency.

Nina has four children, and during the crisis had been left without income during an extremely difficult time for the family. At the end of the summer, a fire had broken out in the family home, destroying all their belongings, including some of their IDs. Although Nina and family were able to stay with relatives, they fell into a severe financial and emotional crisis.

Thanks to Concordia, the family was included in the ‘Life After COVID’ project, funded by the Iris Programme, receiving support in the form of food packages, clothing and footwear for the children, as well as educational materials for their first day of school. The daycare centre offered Nina regular consultations to support her in the care of her children, allowing her to share challenges and find solutions to overcome them. Towards the end of October, both parents returned to work, with their main priority being to save funds for the repair and furnishing of their home.

The Concordia Day Care Centre team continues to provide social and consultative support to Nina Hristova’s family, with the children being included in the centre’s programme for educational and sports activities. Thanks to funding from the ‘Life After COVID’ project, the Concordia Day Care Centre team is able to support the family materially and morally, helping them overcome the difficulties caused by the loss of their home and complications occurring as a result of Covid-19.

This project was funded by the Iris Programme, which was set up to provide assistance to vulnerable children (and their families) affected by Covid-19. The Programme sprang out of an initiative by the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum, the National Network for Children and the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation. It is managed by the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation, and the main donor is Tanya’s Dream Fund.